Born in 1960 in Mexico City, Elvira Cain is more than a simple artist. Her paintings not only tell a story but also reflect her intertwined roots. Each brushstroke is shaped by her Mexican-Jewish heritage. Her pieces are constructed with vivid colors that speak of her folkloric experiences; each canvas shows an artist who grew up surrounded by colors and music. The colors are complemented with deep and meaningful images that embody her connection with a deity that can be felt in the paintings. The vivid, yet insightful images make her art exceptional.
The uniqueness of her art has been widely appreciated around the world. Her work can be found in various places, such as personal collections in Turkey, business offices in New York, and Mexico’s presidential residence, to mention a few. The artist’s paintings provide a deep and meaningful experience no matter how diverse is the audience.
Elvira has accomplished what few artists can: to tell a personal story through colors and images; a story that holds its power on the eyes of the beholder.