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Alexander Kanchik

Acrylic & Canvas Giclée Prints
(Hand Embellished & Limited Edition)


Alexander Kanchik was born in 1959, in Kishnev, Russia. He is a renowned painter, sculptor and stage designer. From early age he admired and showed great interest in all forms of art. After fulfilling him Military Duties, he was accepted at the prestigious SAMOKISH Crimean Academy of ARTS in Simferopol, Crimea (Russia-now Ukraine).

After years of studies and recognition as a potentially great artist, he was invited to attend the Academy of Theater, Stage Design and Cinematography in Leningrad (Now St. Petersburg), Russia. He graduated four years later with honors are was offered to select any of the several prestigious position with the Bolshoi Theater in Moskow, Russia. At the same time he received the permit to leave Russia, turned down the offer by the Bolshoi Theater and settled down in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he started his present career as an artist and a stage designer. Listings wanted.