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There's a heavy smell of oil paint in the air as artist Haim Sherrf leans over a canvas, spray-painting with a sure and delicate touch, the faces and streets of pre-World War II Jewry in Europe. "I love the theme- it brings it back to life for me," said Sherrf, 57, speaking about one of the series he’s working on depicting the suffering, poverty and faith of European Jewry.

I was feeling confused and I didn’t know how to deal with these feelings, “ said Sherrf , whose Moroccan - based family escaped direct impact of the holocaust.

The hyper realistic paintings, all in black and white, powerfully capture the mood and beauty of a once thriving community. Sherrf uses colors sparingly, for example, in one painting of three children sharing food in a ghetto, he painted an armband yellow. It’s the Star of David.