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While he was still a young boy, Patrick Huot received a 35mm camera as a gift from his father who showed him the basic operation. Patrick then becomes the official photographer for all the family social events. He persists in his new found passion, learning from his mistakes, to find the best ways to use his equipment and to master his creativity.

But the real trigger for photography happens when he visits a gallery in Las Vegas where photos by a famous professional photographer are displayed. His offer to buy one is denied, giving him the reason that it is in pre-sale only for previous buyers of his work. He then decides to take up the challenge to perfect his skills to achieve the highest level of photography and to compete with the biggest names in this business.

Successful and experienced businessman, Patrick Huot takes advantage of the breaks in his professional life to roam remote areas on five continents with sole travel companions his photographic equipment, his unfailing patience and his tireless fixation to capture striking and amazing images.

His fascination for wide-open spaces, dry and desert lands but also for major cities has lead him through all the USA, Central America, Caribbean islands and Europe to capture stunning landscapes down to minute details. One of his most memorable trips was in South Africa where he captures the big cats expressions and demeanours with stunning truth.  A noble way to pay tribute to nature and animals he is particularly fond of.

With the mastery of his art, Patrick Huot is now competing with the greatest. He plays with angles, views and surrounding lights to the point of sometimes waiting for hours and even days to capture… the perfect picture.